The vehicle for 2015 is named the Buckeye Current RW-3. RW-3 is build to be a record-setting bike at the PPIHC. Below are a few of the facts about the bike:
  • RW-3 is based on a stock CBR1000RR frame; however, almost all other components are
    custom built by the team.
  • The drive-train is an Enstroj EMRAX 268MV motor and Tritium Wavesculptor 200 motor
    controller. The expected peak power of these two is over 100 kW (134 hp).
  • The RW-3 battery pack holds 7.8 kilowatt-hours of energy on board and contains 972
    individual battery cells.
  • An integrated data-logging system records the real-time details of the bike’s performance using
    over thirty onboard sensors.
  • Other key technologies include carbon fiber bodywork, 3D-printed enclosures, a custom
    battery management system, and after-market tuned suspension, all designed by the team’s
    student members.
  • In total the RW-3 is worth about $60,000. Half of this value comes from cash donation and
    half from in-kind parts and services donated by our sponsors.